Birth to Three


Let's Grow Together! 


Birth to Three mark Metro Nashville Public Schools is here to support a healthy start for all Davidson County children and we want to be your partner in providing the ultimate early development experience for your child.

The MNPS Birth to Three initiative provides information, strategies and tips to support the families and caregivers of children infant to three years of age. We also will have play dates to foster community and engagement and support you in building a strong foundation for your child's development.

Why Birth to Three?

Between birth to age three, a child’s brain is rapidly developing. Research shows 80 to 85 percent of the core brain structure is formed within the first three years of life. In the first five years, the brain makes 700 neural connections every second!

Vital Early Years

During a child’s early years they also are ready to absorb new information and build healthy relationships with their caregivers. Children who have positive interactions with adults, are introduced to books and experience early literacy skills from birth are more likely to succeed when they go to school.

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Connecting With Your Family 

Grow Together with MNPS connects with families in our community a variety of ways: We will soon launch programs that will include play dates, family care bags, in-person or virtual home visits, and a text messaging service that will provide families with information, tips and resources. 


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